Aloha from Nahiku, Maui

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     In 1991 when I first met Kanaka Maoli Williama Waiohu near the ocean in Lahaina, Maui, he was carving a hard rock with a small, fine file. I asked him if he used power tools to save time.
He replied, “The longer it takes, the more Aloha (Love) you can put into it”.

    In the many years since then I have endeavored to continue this philosophy in my work and throughout my  life. Weaving coconut leaves has become a joyful ecological profession, a meditation, a discipline, a lifestyle, a connection to nature and Polynesian culture, a performance art and heart connection to the people I meet while learning, working with and teaching this craft.
   Mahalo nui loa to Williama and all of my teachers since, especially to La'au Lapa'au Niu (the Coconut leaf ).
   Mahalo nui loa to all of my students for what I have learned from them and for continuing to weave and pass on the 'ike la'u lapa'au niu.
   Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has supported me over the years by purchasing my work,

   I hope that you all enjoy these photographs of my work and I look forward to seeing you here at the Nahiku Marketplace, mile marker 29 on the Hana Highway in Maui.

 If you would like to purchase a bowl, hat or any other coconut weaving, contact me at terry(at) Mahalo for your support

Display table

My display table at the Nahiku Marketplace

cat in basket

My cat of many names relaxing in his new basket


The Roseheart 
The person who receives it must give the giver a kiss.
I say that to the people who are on their honeymoon or anniversary, (they get one free)
I have made hundreds of people kiss over the years.

puzzle fingertrap

The puzzle and its next successor, the fingertrap

little man

The little man, the next development

Molokai Mouse
Molokai mouse,  taught to me in Kaunakakai by Sam Goodhew

display table dry

Dry platter, hats and bowls, showing the variation in color of dry leaf

baseball hat
The baseball hat, this one made from leaf of a tree killed by lightning

lightning leaf hat and bowl

Kona style hat and backweave bowl also made from "lightning leaf"

dry and green hanging baskets

Small green single and dry double hanging baskets/fruitpickers


Neckties/swatters, six leaf versions of the Tahitian fan weave


The cockroach, the most fun thing I make. (Put on the sidewalk and watch what happens)

surfer and mice

Fingertrap paddleboarder fending off an attack by a herd of mice!

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