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Sumi-e Cats

   I started using Japanese brush in 1971 in a Chinese calligraphy class.
 In 1987 I decided to draw my cat Toaster with the fewest lines possible.
This led to the development of this style of cat drawing which later became a profession,
drawing postcards of cats and selling them on Omotosando-dori in Harajuku, Tokyo.
 Today I sell "catcards" and larger works at my shop here in Nahiku, Maui

 I only sell original work, If you would like one of these I will repaint it for you.
I use 8 1/2 x 11 heavy cardstock.
I roll and send it to you in a tube U.SP.S. or Fedex
If you would like a Custom Cat, email a small photo or description to:

terry(at) Thank you for your support, Mahalo, Terry

cats w lei

Cats in Maui, Just Meowied

cat w birds

One of my favorites, very few lines and a mystery,
are the birds coming or going?

spring cat

One happy cat

cat on ice

Cat on ice

cat w cherry

If you have cats, you know what is about to happen

cat w bug

Cat with bug

cat with fall leaves

Cats do not like to look silly