The Gecko Story

or, Why I spent 2 hours of my life cleaning the toes of a gecko in Maui


   I was passing through the Lahaina Burger King parking lot towards a goal somewhere on Luakini street when I spotted a fresh fallen mango in the shade of a tree by the curb.  I walked over,  sat down  on the curb in the cool morning, picked up and consumed the  cool Hayden mango with great gust  and messiness.   If you want the full effect of the absolute wonderfulness of a mango You gotta wear one.  All around your mouth and all over your then-lickable hands. They are the Queen of Fruits fer sure.



I looked to my left and there was a sticky cockroach trap with four dehydrated geckos in it,  glued from head to toe and unmoving .. except for one!


One was Alive!!


I took them back to the park, used a long razor to slice under the living gecko's feet.
Then, to remove the excess glue, I tried water, olive oil, wd-40 and finally coffee, which worked!
(Makes me wonder about my coffee habit.)
The glue slowly dissolved from his mouth,  then I slowly pulled his legs away from his body,
 cleaning all of the sticky stuff off with  Q-tips, finally separating the individual toes.. .

 gecko and trap

You can see here the trap behind the gluey gecko with the three dehydrated geckos, no cockroaches. A few ants and beetles also died.

gecko tail

In his struggles his tail broke off.



Free at last

Free at Last with a local admirer.