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I was 10 years old when I built my first darkroom, and photography has been one of the great loves and influences on my life ever since.
Though I was accepted to Rochester Institute of Technology when I was 16,
lack of funds diverted me to Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for which I am deeply grateful.
There, in addition to 41 hours of professional photographic training from great instructors,
I also took white water rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, technical mountain climbing,
desert survival, orienteering, cross-country and downhill skiing classes. I became an outdoor adventurer.
Thus prepared for a career working for Life or National Geographic,
the reality of the sixties' cultural revolution crept into my consciousness.
Disillusioned by the pro-consumerism, anti-environmental bias of these magazines
  and the toxic waste of the photographic industry, I became a health food store worker and then a treeplanter.
Finally in the 80's I fell into a job as a ski photographer at Snowmass,
loosened my strict environmentalist attitude and pretty much haven't been without a camera ever since.
The ability to have an infinite supply of film at virtually no cost,
 the power of Photoshop to do nearly impossible darkroom tricks at the click of a mouse
and my 60's computer skills made the transition to digital welcome and easy for me.
 Most of my film work is still awaiting digitization,
 so almost all of the work here is recent, some of it with cell cameras and simple point and shoot cameras.
  Hopefully soon these pages will reflect only my best work of the last 50 years. Until then, enjoy what you see.
Enough history, on to the work. Mahalo, Terry


My very first Photoshop of my roommate Bianca Edmonds circa 1987

Begin each day..
Card Design

Independence pass

Independence pass 1987

Michael Stark and his painting

Michael Stark kissing a fish he painted

Rose in Mom's garden

Rose in Mom's garden

Moloka'i girl with roseheart

Moloka'i girl with Roseheart I taught her to make


Phillipo the Moloka'i  Mute in Kaunakakai showing off his own sign language

catalpa flower

Catalpa Flower In Mom's backyard


Fale Lehua's pet chicken

color purple design

Above and below early Photoshop 4 designs

find edges graphic

Early use of find edges tool


Self portrait using leaf stamp

Rainbowheart graphic

Rainbowheart graphic

Samana boys

Boys fishing in Samana bay, R.D.

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