37 years of making Frizbags one at a time 
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Bear in Frizbag        
Bear the kitten exiting a Frizbag just begun.     Frizbag-making at the Nahiku Marketplace. Videography by Alan P.  
I needed a Frisbee once. I only had a paper bag.

My mom had always used bags for trash can liners,
with the top rolled in a little to keep it open.So I continued her idea.
I quickly discovered that a paper bag rolled inward from top to bottom,
spiraling as you roll, then making it round  by pulling outward on the wide sides when you get to get to the bottom
Use your fingertips to get a good concave rim. This helps to create a high pressure zone under the bag, making it an aerodynamic lifting body.
If you want to get real technical, Here it is.
 It makes a wonderful, color-able, recyclable, dog-eatable, size-adjustable,bio-degradeable FREE Frisbee
(Actually a Frizbag or Bagbee due to trademark restrictions)

They are much better than plastic for children of any age as they do not hurt when they hit you.

 They fly lumpy if you weight them irregularly by rolling something heavy in on one side.
They can be weighted by double bagging, or adding sticks or long leaves (I use coconut). Most are heavy enough by themselves.
 A ribbon can be put in a central hole for pretty flying effect or on the edge for short range retrieval throws, stopping it inches from its target.
It can also be used as a mask, (cut holes for the eyes so you do not bump into things) paper plate, quiet drum, paper taco, beret, kite, yoyo...etc.
They can be restored to bag function simply by unrolling them.

I discovered this 37 years ago and have made uncountable numbers since. 

  This is also mentioned here (scroll down a little) on the cooltools website,
 who were cool enough to publish it a few years ago. Though the illustration needs work.
If you have made some, had fun and wish to support an artist, consider the button below.

Mahalo, Terry..

Contact me at terry(at)terrymaui.com

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